Ciro Battiloro

Konzept: Sanità

The Sanità district, situated in the heart of Napoli, is one of Europe’s most densely populated places.The district, born as a residencial area for noble families, has become one of the poorest in Naples with several social problems such as unemployment, school drop-outs and presence of criminal organizations.

My project focuses on the life of district in its intimate fold and wants to talk about existence from childhood to death. The houses of Rione Sanità are the theater where the authentic nature of human beings is found in everyday life. This nature is expressed with intensity in their relationships, in those lived and those lost. More than half the inhabitants live in small houses called vascio, which are the typical residence in the old districts of Napoli. Its feature is to be very small and mono-room, pretty dark and ground floor. It was created from a room originally used as storage. These claustrophobical homes welcome a vast humanity with different geographical origins and different personal stories. This diversity is a wealth.


  • Freier Fotograf


  • International prize Helsinki Photo Festival 2018-2020 and shortlisted in frame x Photodoc./International Documentary Photography 2020
  • 3rd prize Premio Canon Giovani 2019
  • Gomma Grant 2019
  • Romano Ca-gnoni photolux Award 2019
  • Prix Levallois 2019