Rafael Raigón Lozano


",Jo soi papa' arises by chance and in parallel to my latest project: "Ikigai".  While I took pictures of my children they started doing the same with me as the  protagonist. After seeing the photos on the computer I realized that we could  continue doing the same for a longer time, as a game in different situations.
I gave each one a camera and I suggested that they use it to document our day to
day. After a while I started to select and edit the project. This project does not have a style, so to speak, artistic or a great photographic technique since the photos are made by children of 8, 6 and 3 years old . It is a vernacular photography that helps me talk about several issues on a personal level.
On the one hand, my children takes photos as a documentation of our everyday life, while I select the images, edit the project and conceptualize it, focusing on  personal issues such as my home, my intimate space, my identity, my relationship with m wife: Who am I besides Dad?, being Andalusian and living in  Berlin, where is my home if it is not exactly where my children are? In addition to these issues there are two themes that fly over the project and that are very much of our time: the new gender roles and the question of authorship.
Who is the author of this project? My children who to ok the pictures or me, who select, edit and conceptualize the work? How do male or female roles change in a time when families are increasingly adapting to the full incorporation of women into the labor market?"


  • Freier Fotograf


  • 2015 Gewinner “The Folio Club award”mit dem Fotobuch “Losguardacasetas”. Artphotobcn, Barcelona, Spanien
  • 2015 Gewinner der Ausschreibung der Botschaft von Spanien/Berlin
  • 2018 Förderpreis“Kunstpreis Fotografie Lotto Berlin-Brandenburg“mit „Ikigai“