David Kregenow

Konzept: Terrain Vague

One of the key elements to keep a city lively and liveable is the existence of affordable housing. In Berlin, the very last open spaces are currently eradicated to make way for construction projects. What looks like a normal development, at first sight, turns out to be the annoying continuation of misjudgments and wrong decisions by the city’s government.

Even worse for the inhabitants, the investors do not hesitate to demolish habitable tenements to increase floor space and maximize profit. Furthermore, a civic center, a church, garden areas, daycare centers for children and playgrounds as well as two hospitals and even cemeteries were razed, along with numerous small trades.

All this with the connivance of the responsible authorities.
A trend that, when not stopped immediately, will result in a medium-term destruction of the basic necessities of a working community and turn the city into an uninhabitable Disneyland for investors. 


  • Ausbildung / Assistenz als Architektur- und Industriephotograph
  • Studio Wolfgang Schackla, Berlin


  • Nominierung für den Prix Pictet 2017 (Terrain Vague)